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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Karl Rove Escapes with His Reputation Intact

President George W. Bush's top political advisor, Karl Rove, will not face any indictments in the Valerie Plame-leak investigation, if the corporate-owned, mainstream media is to be believed, thus restoring Rove's reputation in Washington.

While the definitive word from Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald hasn't been issued, Rove's slither from prosecution probably happened this week (despite an abject failure of the media to secure, for public consumption, the official letter alleging this is fact). Regardless of solid proof from the special prosecutor's office, Rove probably will continue to walk the White House halls, a man freed without charge in the case that ruined a CIA agent's career.

But will it make a difference?

Known as "Bush's Brain," Rove is credited with helping Bush come close enough in the Electoral College tally to steal the presidential election from Al Gore in 2000 and may have even masterminded another stolen election in 2004. He is described as ruthless, power-hungry, unethical and conniving - all positive attributes when running a national political campaign.

At a time when 53 percent of Americans believe the politicians representing them are pandering jerk-offs who would rather dine, golf and travel with the CEOs of the world's largest corporations than represent the middle class; and, when between 62 and 71 percent think Bush would do a better job as a Walmart greeter, will Rove's latest political coup play well in the Heartland?

Under normal circumstances, I would say absolutely not, but the backwash has a way of getting out the vote. And Rove knows just how to tap into the red-voter vitriol, despite the fact that most everyone familiar with the case believes that he was the leaker and that Fitzgerald simply couldn't prove it in a court of law.

That he even has defenders for any number of the misdeeds he is known to have performed outside of the Plame case, speaks volumes to his reputation. Or more accurately, it speaks in 17- kilohertz stereo that certain voting elements don't care about his reputation, at all. They simply want to win - whether it's for further financial gain or because they've been tricked into voting against their best economic interests as they dwell on the gay couple down the street who allegedly threatens their marriage.

During a short watch of the corporate news this evening, I noted that the pablum punditry, the mimicking mynas of the media, are questioning Rove's political abilities to survive the taint of an alleged criminal act. They're pondering whether his reputation is in tact enough to get out the Republican vote. They're wondering whether Rove, despite this near miss, can still work Goebbels-like magic on the voting masses this November.

What they've failed to perceive is this: Rove's cut-throat reputation has always been lower than the lowest slithering asp on the mummified toe of Cleopatra's corpse and his followers LIKE it that way.

The backwash is so enamored with winning one for the Republican team, even if losing power would be best for the good of the country, that they're applauding the fact that Rove found a way to wriggle his way out of a long court battle and slink back on bloviated belly into the Oval Office.

Despite the months of investigation, the days of uncertainly, yes, Rove has emerged with the same reputation he's always had - dishonorable, unscrupulous and unethical.

(with sincere apologies to snakes everywhere)


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